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Conflict Coaching – Experience Growth through Conflict

You might enter a formal process to resolve conflict, such as mediation. You may do this when you want a formal Agreement, such as when you and your spouse are separating and divorcing.

Other times, you may just need to figure out the best way to manage and resolve conflict in your daily life, without the need for a formal Agreement. Perhaps you and your partner keep having the same arguments over and over again.

Either way, your success in managing and resolving conflict depends upon how you show up and how you participate. You don’t want to live in conflict, you don’t want to waste your time, and if you’re using a formal process like mediation, you certainly don’t want to waste your money.

This is where conflict coaching comes in. Conflict coaching is action focused and forward focused, and it will benefit you whether or not you are engaged in a formal dispute resolution process.

When to start working with a coach: There are several key times when you may start working with a coach, including

  • When you are preparing for a difficult conversation or when you are preparing for a formal dispute resolution process, including mediation

  • During the conflict to gain insight, to be introspective, and to be accountable

  • After a conflict in order to process what happened and to learn from the experience

What happens during conflict coaching: You and your coach form a partnership.

  • You are the expert—it is your life—your conflict—you inform your coach

  • Your coach supports you in your self-discovery, including your triggers and the key behaviors, messages, or approach you want to change

  • She helps you clarify your goals and uses strategies to support your goals

  • She assists you in investigating options for moving forward

  • With your coach, you will explore what might get in your way

  • You will celebrate your learning and plan to apply your learning; and

  • Your coach will hold you accountable

Conflict coaching turns conflict into an opportunity to grow. Contact Positive Pathways for Resolution and Success if you would like to talk about how conflict coaching will help you.

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