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Positive Pathways is a Family Law, Mediation, and Coaching firm in Fairfax, Virginia. At Positive Pathways, we work with families, couples, individuals, and within various organizations. We offer legal representation and mediation services to facilitate out-of-court Agreements and resolutions for family law matters including separation, divorce, custody, support, and more. We partner with our coaching clients to help them analyze and manage conflict and disputes, to develop conflict intelligence, and to grow through conflict to become more productive as individuals and as members of their organizations. The processes we use help to minimize fear, stress, and depletion of financial resources.

After litigating family law matters in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 20 years, Christine Hissong founded the firm with a goal of helping clients to plan for their futures through Pre-Nuptial/Pre-Marital Agreements, and to navigate and resolve their divorces, custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), and equitable distribution (division of property) matters as peacefully and economically as possible, and without her clients needing to step foot in a courtroom.

Throughout her years of litigating, Christine became acutely aware of the need for conflict coaching. Time and again, the lack of conflict management skills and resources was evident, in both her clients and the other party involved. The consequences of which resulted in increased hostility, emotional and psychological damage to the parties and their children, and depletion of financial resources. Hence, Christine became a certified Radiance Coach after training with ICF accredited Radiance Partners, LLC, and the conflict management coaching component of the firm was born. Christine now offers conflict management coaching to individuals and organizations who are interested in developing conflict competency.

To partner with and support our clients in productive processes in which they achieve their desired results, gain insight and understanding, and accelerate their transition to a more peaceful and secure existence.

To preserve relationships, regardless of the origin or nature of conflicts, providing a space for dialogue, understanding, and resolution.



We build an atmosphere of trust and openness in accordance with our purpose of honoring our clients’ values, needs, identities, and cultures; of respecting our clients’ right of self-determination; and supporting them in a new vision of life moving forward.


We actively listen and hear our clients in order to meet them where they are and to help move them forward in a way that serves them best.


We facilitate our clients’ full participation in their process and believe that it is important that they remain informed and educated.


Along with our legal knowledge, we are creative and curious to discover unique solutions that our clients can get behind.

Education is key.  You must know your process options.  Ideally, you will seek legal and coaching information and guidance before conflicts and disputes arise.  By doing so, you give yourself the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will enable you to protect and preserve your important relationships, and if the best choice is to end a relationship, to do so as amicably and peacefully as possible. 

Mediation is much less time-consuming than going to trial for your divorce. Some couples work through all divorce-related issues in one session, while others may meet multiple times before reaching an Agreement. The amount of time you spend in mediation is largely dependent upon the parties engaging in good faith and the issues to be resolved. 

Prenuptial Agreements allow a couple to agree upon how they will operate during their marriage, what will happen in the event of divorce, and what will happen in the event of death of one of the parties.  This allows the parties and their families to avoid court-imposed resolutions.

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    Christine Hissong is a Collaboratively Trained Family Attorney, Certified Mediator, and Radiance Certified Coach.

    Inspired by a fervent dedication to advancing amicability and fairness, she uses her unique credentials to help families navigate the challenging waters of divorce and family matters.