Collaborative Process

Get Peace of Mind the Collaborative Way

When going through a divorce, many couples seek a non-adversarial process to settle their marital issues. The Collaborative Process encourages separating or divorcing couples to communicate and cooperate with each other and work toward a resolution that is best for the entire family. The Collaborative Process is also an ideal process for helping couples negotiate prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Christine Hissong is a Collaboratively Trained Attorney guiding clients with expert support through the Collaborative Process.

Maintain a Respectful and Cooperative Environment 

The Collaborative Process is an out-of-court resolution process which parties may voluntarily use to resolve their family related issues in a private, forward-focused, respectful manner, while keeping costs under control.  Both parties are represented by Collaboratively trained attorneys, and they have the option of adding other Collaboratively trained professionals to their Team, including coaches, child specialists, and financial neutrals.  The Collaborative Process is the only process in which the parties’ attorneys and other Team members commit, together with the parties, to resolve the matter without litigation.  The Collaborative Process is a robust, supportive process that is geared to help both parties move forward to a healthy and stable future.  The Collaborative Process is a particularly advantageous process for parties with children as well as partners and families with unique issues, and in those situations where protections in the law have been deficient.

The Collaborative Process creates a safe, private space for parties to work through things together, as a team. 

Resolving Your Family Law Matters Collaboratively

If you would like to hear more about how you could benefit from a Collaborative divorce process, or how you could use the Collaborative process to create a Prenuptial Agreement, Marital Agreement, or Parenting Agreement, or resolve post-divorce issues, please call us to set up meeting.