Gain Clarity and Confidence, and Develop Skillful Management of Conflict and Disputes

Conflict CoachingAt Positive Pathways we employ the Cinergy Model of Conflict Coaching.  This model is designed to take the clients through a process where they analyze their conflicts and disputes by considering trigger points, values, needs, and identity, impact, assumptions made, boundaries crossed, reactions, and the consequences of those reactions, as they pertain to the client and to the other party involved.   The key to growth in the model is creating mutuality which is done by considering what might be happening for the other person involved.  With their coach, the client explores choices about addressing the conflict or dispute, a plan for doing so, any obstacles to their plan, and their commitment to follow through.

There is a high cost to bear when conflict is not addressed productively.  In conflict coaching, clients develop skills that enable them to use conflict as an opportunity for growth and strengthening of relationships, including family and work-place relationships.  The skills clients develop by engaging in conflict coaching are not only applied to their current situation but will serve them into the future.

Who will benefit from Conflict Coaching?

  • Individuals: Individuals gain a better understanding of their conflict style, how their values, needs, and identity may be  challenged, causing conflict.  They develop conflict intelligence, which allows them to engage in conflict in a masterful way.
  • Couples: Partners gain insight into themselves and how they show up in the  relationship in order to be more mindful in the  successful establishment and maintenance of that relationship. 
  • Co-parents: Parents work together to create a positive, productive co-parenting team that their child deserves.  The parents set their  intentions and apply their learning in order to raise their child in a more harmonious environment.
  • Organizations: Organizations who offer conflict coaching to their members  can avoid the loss of productivity and revenue associated with interpersonal conflict in the workplace.

When to engage in conflict coaching?

  • Before conflict or disputes arise
  • During conflict or dispute
  • After conflict or dispute
  • While engaging in dispute resolution processes

Why engage?

  • Grow in confidence
  • Know if, how, and when to engage in disputes
  • Manage difficult conversations
  • Increase productivity within the organization
  • Avoid the high cost of conflict

 Re-inspire Your Life with Passion and Purpose

Are you looking to create your best life, but aren’t sure what steps to take? At Positive Pathways, our coaching guides you to get to the core of what you really want and what’s holding you back. We’ll help you find the clarity you need to create a purposeful life that brings out your best self. Our one-on-one coaching offers you the highest level of support from an expert coach that is committed to your success.  Christine Hissong, a certified Radiance Coach, will partner with you to explore the path that increases and sustains your well-being as you navigate through life.  Together, we examine what holds you back, and you establish new pathways that serve you better, creating your own unique path for success and sustainable transformation.