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It is helpful to have a consultation with an attorney to get a professional analysis of your case, to gather information about process options, to gain a better understanding of your next steps, or to have an Agreement reviewed.  Navigating the legal system can be very challenging and checking in with an attorney can give you peace of mind.

At Positive Pathways, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding client services. We value and promote open and honest communications. Our firm’s commitment to professionalism, civility, and integrity allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service.

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Navigating family conflicts can be emotionally exhausting. When you add in legal disputes, it can also become time-consuming and expensive. Mediation and the Collaborative Process can help you achieve your goals in a more positive, supportive way.

At Positive Pathways, our experienced and dedicated representation is inclusive of all families.  Positive Pathways recognizes that while issues may present differently for each family, the need for safety, stability, and respect are universal.

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