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Mediation is a confidential, out-of-court resolution process in which I serve as a neutral mediator working with the parties to identify issues and interests and develop options for resolution.  Mediation requires full disclosure of all information the parties require to make informed decisions.  The mediator does not represent either party, and each party is encouraged to have an attorney of their own to review any potential agreements before the parties sign.

Prenuptial Agreements

A Mediator helps the parties generate options and create an Agreement that addresses the interests and needs of both parties, helping them work through any disputes along the way, so that the parties can focus

their attention on their happy occasion. 

Marital Agreements (Post Nuptial Agreements)

Parties may address in mediation, those issues that may be causing conflict in your marriage in an Agreement that specifically spells out expectations of both parties for the continuation of the marriage and the details of how all issues related to the marriage will be resolved should the marriage end.

Mediated Marital Settlement Agreements

Create your divorce settlement Agreement in mediation, addressing custody, support, and property division in a way that is tailored to your family and to your unique situation. 

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