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Whether you ultimately decide to handle your legal matter on your own or whether you decide to retain an attorney, it is helpful to have a consultation with any attorney to get a professional analysis of your case, to gather information about the court and the court process, to gain a better understanding of your next steps, or to have an Agreement reviewed.  Navigating the legal system can be very challenging and checking in with an attorney can give you piece of mind. 

Process Options

Find out more about the different processes in which to address your Pre-Nuptial Agreement; Marital Agreement; or Marital Settlement Agreement, and which will service you best.

Case Analysis

Get legal advice about your divorce case, including advice about custody, support, and division of property. 

Next Steps

Develop a timeline and plan for next steps to move your case ahead.

Document Review

Have your draft Agreement or other court documents reviewed and explained. 

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