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Collaborative Process

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The Collaborative Process is an out-of-court resolution process which parties may voluntarily use to resolve their family related issues in a private, forward-focused, respectful manner, while keeping costs under control.  Both parties are represented by Collaboratively trained attorneys, and they have the option of adding other Collaboratively trained professionals to their Team, including coaches, child specialists, and financial neutrals.  The Collaborative Process is the only process in which the parties’ attorneys and other Team members commit, together with the parties, to resolve the matter without litigation.  The Collaborative Process is a robust, supportive process that is geared to help both parties move forward to a healthy and stable future.  The Collaborative Process is a particularly advantageous process for parties with children as well as non-traditional partners and families.

Prenuptial Agreements

Work together in the Collaborative Process to create an Agreement that addresses the interests and needs of both parties, without stress and fear.  Then, put it aside so that you can focus your energy on your happy day.

Marital Agreements (Post Nuptial Agreements)

Address those issues that may be causing conflict in your marriage in an Agreement that specifically spells out expectations of both parties for the continuation of the marriage and the details of how all issues related to the marriage will be resolved should the marriage end.

Collaborative Marital Settlement Agreements

Create your divorce settlement agreement, addressing custody, support, and property division in a way that is tailored to your family and to your unique situation. 

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