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I partner with you to explore the path that increases and sustains your well-being as you navigate through life.  Together, we examine what holds you back, and you establish new pathways that serve you better, creating your own unique path for success and sustainable transformation. 

Couples Coaching

Each partner gains insight into themselves and how they show up in the relationship in order to be more insightful in the successful establishment and maintenance of that relationship. 

Conflict Coaching

Manage the stress of conflict.  Feel confident and peaceful as you navigate through conflict.  Understand the intersection of your values and interests with mindfulness in order to work toward a purposeful resolution.

Co-Parent Coaching

Work together to create the positive, productive co-parent team that your child deserves.  Create your mission statement and apply your learning in order to raise your child in a more harmonious environment.

Professional Coaching

Rediscover your passion for your chosen profession.  Explore why you chose it, what about it got you out of bed in the morning, why was it that you looked forward to your day.  And, if it no longer serves you, discover what it is that serves you better now.

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