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As a Transformative Coach, Collaboratively Trained Attorney and Certified Mediator, I have the expertise to help you find the best solution to the challenges you are facing.


​You have your answers.  Together, we create a coaching relationship, free of judgment, in which I assist you on your journey to discover your path, to break through what blocks you, and to apply your learning to all areas of your life in order to achieve your greatest good.  Do you want to: 

  • Show up in your life as your ideal self

  • Have a peaceful & productive co-parent relationship

  • Be the parent your child deserves

  • Discover or re-discover your passion

  • Work smart as a cohesive legal team

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Collaborative Process

​As your Collaboratively trained attorney, I represent you, as we work as a Team with the other party and their attorney to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution without litigation. In the Collaborative Process, you will: 

  • Resolve your family issue in a respectful, out-of-court resolution process

  • Retain control of your process

  • Keep your private family issues private

  • Preserve your resources

  • Create an Agreement that serves your unique situation and family

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​As a neutral mediator, my job is to facilitate a conversation between you and the other party, help you identify issues to be addressed, and brainstorm options. Mediation allows you to:

  • Resolve your family issues with the help of
    a mediator

  • Stay out of court

  • Create an Agreement that works for you and your unique situation and family

  • Preserve your resources

  • Protect your privacy

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​As a trained professional, I provide guidance and insight into your unique situation.  Would you like to:

  • Have a better understanding of your legal matter

  • Have your documents reviewed

  • Get advice about next steps

  • Understand your options

  • Feel more confident as you navigate the court process

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