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Meet Christine

Transformative Coach, Collaboratively Trained Attorney and Certified Mediator


I feel very strongly that each person has the knowledge and the ability within themselves to find the best solution given the circumstances.  This belief that we each have the power to achieve our greatest good, without giving up our authority and autonomy is what led me to train as a Transformative Coach. 


My legal practice has focused on family law matters including divorce, custody, support, and property division issues.  What over 20 years of representing clients in the legal system has taught me is that whenever possible, going to court should be the last resort.  Even “winning” in court results in a great deal of trauma and depletion of assets.


I enjoy working with my clients in positive, productive, forward-facing processes of Coaching, the Collaborative Process, and Mediation. 


Please take a moment to look at each of my services for more information about how we can work together in order for you to achieve your greatest good and to resolve your family law matters outside of court by focusing on your strengths, values, and interests. 

Christine Hissong
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